Constitution of the Principality of Laàs in Béarn

Preamble: The articles of this Constitution are the pillars of the Principality. The citizens are invited to respect it. This text introduces our ideals and how we operate.


Article 1: The Principality of Laàs is a French territory, under French sovereignty and dependent on the administration of the same country. It is governed by the same laws and institutions.

Article 2: The Principality of Laàs recognizes the universally accepted principles of public international law.

Article 3: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies without exception to the Principality of Laàs.

Article 4: The Principality of Laàs respects and promotes, in its action, the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity.

Article 5: The village of Laàs defines the geographical existence of the Principality but its citizens know no borders. It is open to the world and welcomes into its circle all persons complying with the present constitution, whatever their cult or origin. Every citizen has a passport and therefore a dual nationality: Laasian nationality and nationality of origin.


Article 6: The Principality of Laàs is a constitutional monarchy, governed by a double parliamentary principality: The President of the French Republic and the bishop representing the Catholic Church in the area.

Article 7: A king and a queen, personalities from the world of French culture, will be appointed on an honorary basis every 5 years.

Article 8: The mayor of Laàs is the prime minister of the government of the Principality of Laàs and the inhabitants of the village occupy the different ministries.

Article 9: The Prime Minister appoints Ambassadors for the Principality throughout the world. These Ambassadors, signatories of a charter, participate in the promotion of Laàs and the development of its projects.

Article 10: The Principality of Laàs has two official languages: French and Béarnais.

Article 11: The Principality of Laàs uses the French currency as well as its own currency (the Vaquette).

Article 12: The motto “Passion and Daring”, the flag and the coat of arms of the Principality of Laàs are imprescriptible. The emblems represented are and will continue to be the Bearnaise cows wearing a bell, the baron’s crown, the ear of corn, the scallop, the dagger (symbol of the ability to defend one’s interests and attributes of Saint Bartholomew, patron of the church of Laàs) and the star (symbol of looking to the future). The colors of the Principality are yellow-gold, blood-red and blue-king.

Article 13: Customs barriers to entry into and exit from Laàs will remain constantly open. The function of customs officer will be carried out on an ad hoc, voluntary basis.

Article 14: The Principality of Laàs reserves the right to issue a princely, official marriage certificate.


Article 15: The political, economic or social actions carried out by the Principality of Laàs are carried out within an ethical framework. The funds, capital, liquid assets or goods that may be received and used will be subject to strict control over their origin.

Article 16: The Principality of Laàs ensures the protection of its natural environment and fights against its degradation.

Article 17: The dynamism of the village is measured only on the basis of a quality of life indicator: the BNL (Bonheur Net Local). Direct taxes are prohibited.

Article 18: The Principality of Laàs is a pacified territory which has no internal defense and remains neutral in the context of external conflicts. It remains under the protection of the French army.

Article 19: The Principality of Laàs undertakes to promote the tourist and financial development of the Béarnais territory, to enhance its heritage and to make it shine internationally, to explore all legal and administrative resources so that the territory benefits from exceptions or its own experiments.

Article 20: Any commercial activity carried out within the framework of the Principality of Laàs only commits the commercial structure set up in parallel.

The amendment of this Constitution requires the approval of the Prime Minister and the majority vote of the citizens occupying a ministry.

Passion and Daring

Blending humor and glamour, the Principality’s “chic and striking” creativity offers its environment the opportunity to showcase its art of living. French romanticism, generosity… the Principality of Laàs shows what the countryside has to offer that is unique, authentic and sometimes even unusual! The passion of a territory and the audacity of its men…for innovation.