The village is currently seeking to restore the two churches of Laàs.


The Romanesque-style chapel from the VIIth Century will be transformed into small ‘Villa Medicis’ and will serve as an artist residence as well as a place where Master Classes will be given. Additionally, it will also become the headquarters of the troupe, ” Le théâtre du gaucher ” directed by Bernard Monforte. Its restoration will allow it to welcome an audience of over 130 people! The main church in the town center will also be upgraded in order to provide visitors with a sound and light show complete with video mapping. This sound and light show will expound on themes such as the importance of water, the earth, and stonework of the church, each theme will be connected to spirituality and to the men who built the history of Laàs. Finally, the first “Escape Church ” of France will allow future players to experience the church in a brand new way!